Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant

Unkaizan enjoys a hillside location with stunning sunset views over the Andaman Sea. Unkaizan's oriental charm can be felt right from its serene entrance where guests are ushered to the beginning of a truly unforgettable dining experience.  

Guests are welcomed and offered a choice of three seating areas - western seating on the Seaview Terrace or inside in the air conditioned main room, and the air conditioned upstairs area where the seating is set to traditional Japanese style. The encompassing lush scenery and friendly hostesses who keep comfortable distance leaves an air of contentment for that special dinner with your loved ones.

Unkaizan's Japanese owner and chef studied and qualified in Japan, then worked in the United States and Singapore before settling in Langkawi where he built his restaurant in a spectacular hillside forest setting. Having had the culinary experience in Indonesia, Langkawi's revered The Andaman hotel and serving on a passenger cruise sailing to major cities, rest assured that your appetite's best interest is in the chef's good hands. The manager is also handy to give advice on Japanese food or even a short demonstration on enjoying your meal using chopstick.

This popular eatery offers not just fresh seafood, but also live seafood. Select your meal from one of the carefully maintained aquariums stocked with a wide variety of seafood, or choose from the selection of fine grilled steaks and other Japanese dishes. The restaurant offers a wide menu of modern and traditional Japanese dish, sushi and sashimi. Fans of these authentic bites will not be disappointed.

Unkaizan staffs are ever willing to suggest conventional or unique blend of Japanese cuisine, all depending on your preferences. Immerse your taste buds with the splendor and colorful range of Unkaizan specialties and favorites, or settle for a simple, traditional Japanese meal ideal for the less adventurous. Be sure to ask your hosts for the restaurant's daily specials as you can never tell the delight that awaits you just around the corner!

A display wine cellar is incorporated into the main room with a good selection of fine wines from around the globe supplemented by a carefully selected range of Japanese Sake. Due its exceptional service and dining concept, Unkaizan has been introduced to Malaysia's Best Restaurant 2005 book, and has received reviews from popular publication such as The Star and Flavours Magazine. More information is available online at their official website. The staffs have in fact added their personal touch by providing insights of Langkawi's chosen dining, shopping and basking places that are almost unheard of by other vacationers.

Unkaizan is open daily for dinner from 18:00 to 23:00 - reservations are recommended (closed on 2nd Wednesday of each month). MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted.

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