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SunSutra restaurant pantai tengah

With a humble beginning in the late 1990's as a backpackers' choice of retreat, Sungroup has now evolved into a group of many great establishments. From a well-known boutique resort to stylish restaurants, Sungroup has made its mark in the Langkawi scene.  

Pantai Tengah is the heart and soul of Sungroup's businesses. And behind it all is the man – Jeffery Leong. He has single-handedly raised the bar and set the standards to what Pantai Tengah is today.
Pantai Tengah is the new area in Langkawi where you can find trendy and popular restaurants and bars. And with Jeffery Leong holding the reins, be ready to see new up-and-coming Pantai Tengah developments headed your way.
Passion is what drives Jeffery Leong to mastermind the idea, design and execution of his business. Together with an amazing team, Sungroup has soared into one of the most admirable companies to set foot in Langkawi.
Look forward to more amazing design and creations under Jeffery Leong's leadership.
Sungroup in Langkawi is here to stay.

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