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Sheela’s Restaurant pantai tengah

Sheela's Restaurant And Cafe Langkawi is probably one of the most famous restaurant on the island. Run by a friendly couple, Sheela and Willy, the homely atmosphere and ease here are unbeatable. Better still is the food.

This eatery serving both Asian and Western dishes ensures that the guest is spoilt for choice. The couple is extremely helpful and one can catch them always in friendly banter with their customers or recommending dishes as per the individuals taste. You may converse with them in English, German and Bahasa Malayu.

The open air stimulates ones appetite as one readies to dig into the most luscious Western dishes such as the authentic German Currywurst - Pommes - Mayo, fried sausages with mayonnaise sauce and fries, western steak barbecued on charcoal embers, king prawns cooked in garlic sauce, lobster in white wine, chicken breast served on a platter of cauliflower and mashed potatoes and the everyday fish, chips and potato salad. Pizza is also a favorite among diners and Willy personally cooks/supervises the western fare on the menu. Sheela, looks after the Malayan dishes and her Sambal Ikan (fish cooked in chilly sauce), Ikan Masak Lemak (fish stewed in coconut milk), beef cooked in coconut sauce and Mee Mamak come highly recommended. The couple arranges for special candle night dinners upon request and the beautiful garden and tiny ponds are very alluring during the evenings.

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