Stay safe

Be careful driving around Langkawi at night. Although main roads are well-lit, some of the more minor roads are not very well lit and may pass through Kampungs (traditional Malay villages) or rural areas where the locals seem to take a very casual approach to road safety.

Drive slow and watch out for erratically piloted motorbikes, pedestrians and livestock. Inside Kuah Town, watch out for errors in the road arrows - they may lead you into wrong lanes or into barricades. at night, watch out for water buffalo sleeping in the road.

Crime is generally not a problem on Langkawi, especially compared to the larger cities in Malaysia. In theory, you don't even have to lock your car, because it cannot get off the island without customs knowing about it!

Beware of smart wild monkeys. Those at Tengkorak beach attack humans who have food. If attacked, pick up stones (or just pretend to do so) and throw them at the monkeys, this will scare them away. don't carry plastic bags. the monkeys associate these with food. be aware; that mother and baby posing for photos is a distraction; the older females and the alpha male creep up behind you and nick your bag!

Sea jellies are increasingly prevalent and have caused at least one death - a Swedish tourist in early 2010. please do not swim at night or when you have been drinking.

please read about rip tides before you go; learn to recognise them and avoid. stay safe.

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