Medical Care

There is a modern government hospital (Langkawi District Hospital) with some specialist services and capable of handling most emergencies.

If patients need more advanced care, they can be transported 24 hours a day by helicopter to Alor Setar Hospital on the mainland. Blood transfusions are free, and you can help the needy by donating at the hospital's Blood Bank.

Private medical practitioners and qualified dental surgeons clinics are available at Padang Matsirat (near Langkawi Airport) and Kuah Town. Registered pharmacists also available at Kuah Town and controlled drugs are sold only by prescription.

There are also rural clinics (Klinik Desa) which are scattered throughout Langkawi and on the other populated islands of Pulau Tuba and Pulau Dayang Bunting. Staffed by nurses, and visited by doctors on a weekly basis, these clinics mostly provide maternal and child health care, but will treat minor injuries.

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