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Langkawi Crocodile Farm

Sprawling 20 acres, the Langkawi Crocodile Farm is specially designed and landscaped with beautiful plantation and greenery, making it looks like a recreation park. Different species of crocodiles are being kept in specific ponds, where visitors can have a thorough look at the crocodiles while walking around.

Nearly 1,000 crocodiles are being showcased in different ponds - which consist of the Periodical Pond, the Breeding Pond, the Bridge Pond, the Feeding Pond, the Jumping Pond and the Show Pond. The first section you will see once entering the crocodile farm is the Periodical Pond. Here, crocodiles are being segregated according to their age. Thus, you will get to see crocodiles of different ages and sizes. Most of the crocodiles in this section are inactive, where many of them are lying around, soaking in the small pond or even sleeping with their mouths wide open.

The Bridge Pond is the largest section with lots of huge and active crocodiles. A bridge is built across the huge pond where visitors can get a closer look at the crocodiles from top. Standing on the wooden bridge, you will feel somewhat scary and exciting as those gigantic and sharp-teethed creatures staring at you. Sometimes, you might even see them fighting with each other. Thus, for your own safety, it is advisable not to lean closely against the fence and always take cautious step while walking on the bridge because the crocodiles are merely 5 feet underneath the wooden bridge.

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