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Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park

Langkawi Bird Paradise, called Taman Burung Langkawi in Malay, is literally a paradise for the discerning bird-lovers. This wildlife park is sprawled in 5.5 acres along Jalan Ayer Hangat, about 10-min drive from Kuah Town and 30-min drive from the Airport. It was officially launched by the Chief Minister of Kedah, Y.A.B Dato' Seri Syed Razak Syed Zain, on 24 Dec' 2002. Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park is touted as the first fully covered wildlife park in Asia.

This park is an apt place to discover the fascinating world of birds and nature. As you will stroll through the tropical gardens, you will see hundreds of the rarest and most beautiful birds of the world. The park is home to over 2,500 birds from 150 species, found round the globe, like that from South East Asia, South America, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Russia, China and Malaysia. Explore the Macaw's Courtyard and the Flamingo Pond, and pay attention to the clever impersonation of Cockatoos and Mynas.

Here, the arena to showcase birds is specially designed, and bears a resemblance with the natural habitat of avifauna. It is exclusively designed to act as a right place for wildlife watchers and nature lovers. The walk-in aviary, at the park, boasts of a 15 meter man-made waterfall where one can relax and enjoy the equatorial scenery. Besides, the park's ponds present a scenic sight. One can watch a variety of water birds, like the flamingos, wood ducks, mandarin ducks, tufted ducks, baikal teals, etc, swimming in a tranquil setting.

Check out the Eagle Section and get the chance to see the carrion eaters. Watch the vulture from South Africa, the raptors like the Brahminy Kite and White Belly Sea Eagle. At the Owl's Section, you can come across the nocturnal predators like the Barn Owl and the Malay Eagle Owl. Furthermore, the park showcases other creatures such as Macaws, Cockatoos, Lories, Pheasants, Cassowaries, Ostriches, Rheas, Irian Jaya, Papua New Guiena, etc. To put in succinct terms, Langkawi Bird Paradise is a place not to be missed-out in Langkawi.

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